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Passion of cheating (Posted 2019-04-06 08:14:52)

I see you have the passion to keep cheating, this kind of passion, never give up is good, but u use them on cheating, that just unfair to other contestant

fuck all negativity (Posted 2019-04-06 07:27:12)

Dont mind them bro, just keep it up ignore all of your haters! its just a waste of time

Fuck negativity! (Posted 2019-04-06 05:06:23)

I'm rooting for you bro! I think you deserve to be on top 4 base on what you can do. Just ignore those accusing you on something bad that you're not doing! I already spread the news about you with my friends and others so I believe that what you are gaining are not from cheating!!!

Thumbs up! (Posted 2019-04-06 01:33:28)

Keep up the Good work! Don't let negative the comments destroy your reputation! Hwaiting!

Cheater always cheater (Posted 2019-04-06 01:22:47)

SEE!! How the cheater to make rise up voting. Please stop cheating. Give a respect for other contestant

STOP CHEATING (Posted 2019-04-06 01:02:19)

Even if you win, u win by cheating, not win by honour!!! You’re disgusting! U should be DQ!

CHEATER (Posted 2019-04-05 23:17:06)

hey, cheaters, every minute even seconds your vote is always increasing. and that is a mistake. You drove so fast after knowing cheating. Is this your cheating next?

Pinoy (Posted 2019-04-05 16:17:13)

push push make your country proud of cheater

Go Cheater Go (Posted 2019-04-05 14:14:54)

This boy has been warned by Wotofo not to cheating and to get sanctions to decrease voting but he still does it until now

Watching (Posted 2019-04-02 21:01:14)

Face it people...your boy got BUSTED!! And that is called poetic justice! You can’t cheat and get away with it. He was in last place and the cheat votes were removed. Now look at what place he’s in.........LAST!!!!!!!

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